Best pieces of advice for new mums

There's a new baby in the family! And with a new baby, there's guaranteed to be different pieces of advice shared by different people. Some of these may not be very useful, but others are actually very effective. Below are a few tried and tested tips for mothers with newborns as they go through their parenting journey every day.

One of the most important pieces of advice that you should always remember as a parent is to always trust your instinct. Health professionals know a lot about babies in general, but you know a lot about one specific baby - yours. Of course, this is not easy to do, as new mothers tend to need reassurance on a regular basis that they are doing everything right. But if you listened to your gut, you would definitely end up in the same place, but a lot more quicker, and with lesser heart ache.

If you are feeling stressed, take five minutes off to clear your mind. Don't beat yourself up. Remember, we are all human beings, after all.

Essential items for first few weeks with a newborn baby, including rash cream.

Try to avoid competition with other mums. 
It’s easy to get drawn into comparing your newborn with that of your friends. Don't forget all babies develop at different rates. It is not a competition. Take a step back, and enjoy it. Also, by the time you are on number two, you are wishing for them to slow down.

Try and take it all in - even those long, lonely nights. It sometimes feels like you need to fight your way to a new milestone - sleeping, weaning, walking, or even to just get yourself to the next day! But when you look back to those precious nights with your newborn, hearing them whimper when they want you to hold them for hours on end, it will have gone away in a flash. Don't wish for it to go away.

Don’t worry about what you think parenthood should be. Instead, embrace what it is.

Be organised
Even if it was just picking out clothes and making sure the changing bag was ready the evening before. Being organised means no faff in the mornings, and no trying to remember everything while getting your baby ready. It makes leaving the house so much easier.

Forget about the housework
The most important thing is to spend time with your baby and family. You won't ever get these days back. The kids won't remember if your house is clean, but they will remember that fun game you played, story you read, or adventure that you went on together.

Try not to get obsessed with sleep patterns and getting the baby to sleep through the night.

Plan a daily routine
It is important for you to practice a relaxed routine that works well for you and your other commitments. A simple bedtime and naptime routine can make life a lot easier and stop you from wanting to pull your hair out.

Try to keep track of what your children eat, when they sleep, and what time of the day they have a wet or dirty nappy, as well as their frequency of interaction. 
Doing so will give you an idea of their natural routine and help you to spot patterns when something isn't right or is bothering them. By having it all written down, it gives you the confidence/evidence to back up your gut instinct. One of the things which may be upsetting them is a nappy rash. Nappy rash is very common in the early days and can upset their routine. Using a nappy ointment can help to protect against the effects of a nappy rash, and is perfect for use during every nappy change – especially at bedtime when nappy rash is most likely to happen.

Stock up on easy-to-prepare foods in the fridge for you and your other half. Sitting in the nude with your babies for a few hours can help to reset the balance, and give you some lovely bonding time.

It’s important to get out in the early days, even if it’s just a walk to the shops.

It’s also okay to take help that is offered. And if it’s not readily offered. then ask for help! If you get a house visitor, make sure they help by giving your newborn cuddles as well. It’s a fair trade off, will make your life easier, and will definitely not make you look like a bad mother.

Staying with that idea, you do not need to be a superhero. Sometimes, glossy magazines can paint a very different picture from reality. It's okay to stay in your PJs all day, to baby gaze, to cry. Don't put pressure on yourself. All our journeys are different. Above all, enjoy those cuddles and sleep when you can.