What to pack in your changing bag?

Since there are so many products that you may need when you have a baby, you acquire a mountain of things. Sometimes you are left wondering if everything is as essential as a baby ointment, or what else you need to keep in your changing bag on a daily basis.

Parent and baby having fun on beach.

To help ease your burden of packing for a day out, we thought we'd create a helpful list of what we found to be essential items that should be included in a changing bag.

Parent carrying a bag with baby essentials, including a baby cream.

What to pack in your changing bag.

1. Ready-to-drink milk, if not directly breastfeeding.

We found that ready-made cartons are much easier and more convenient when out and about as compared to packing both water and milk powder that must be mixed separately. Do note, however, that carton milk have a more ‘laxative’ effect than milk powder.

2. Breast pads

If you are breastfeeding, a "leaky boob" is not a good look. To avoid being caught out, especially during times when you have a light coloured top on, use breast pads.

3. Pack at least one muslin.

Muslins are versatile and essential for winding your baby unless you like the 'thrown up on' look. They can also be used as a blanket, and if your baby has a cold, you can add a topical ointment to a corner of the muslin and place it near their nose to help unsnuffle them! 

4. Foldable changing mat.

These mats won’t take up much room in the bag, which means that you can pretty much change a nappy anywhere!

5. Nappies, wipes & nappy sacks

Try and restock these as soon as you get home from a day out, as they are of particular importance during situations when you least expect them to be.

6. Nappy Care Ointment

Because nappy rash can cause much pain, protection is key. Applying a baby skin ointment at every nappy change can help to protect your baby's bottom against the effects of nappy rash! 

7. A change of clothes - for those poop explosions!

8. A dummy or comforter if they have one - you never know when it might help settle them!

These items are essential for a newborn. You can add things such as teething toys or a nappy liner if you want to, although they aren't really ultimate essentials.