Frequently Asked Questions

Bepanthen® Itch Relief Cream

    Bepanthen® Itch Relief Cream is a steroid-free formula which gives relief of itch within 30 minutes while restoring the skin’s barrier, helping your skin to heal. It is used to relieve itch and redness caused by the following cases of skin irritation:

    - dry skin
    - atopic dermatitis / eczema

    Bepanthen® Itch Relief contains a special Lipid Lamellar Technology™ that is similar to the skin’s own lipids. The lipids are oriented in a lamellar fashion and integrate and bind to the damaged skin barrier leading to itch relief within 30 minutes after application. Bepanthen® Itch Relief Cream contains physiologic humectants, like glycerin and panthenol, that provide long-lasting hydration, helping the skin recover.

    Bepanthen® Itch Relief Cream relieves itch within 30 minutes in three ways:
    - By providing lipids (e.g ceramides) that are oriented in a lamellar fashion - Lipid Lamellar
    - By providing physiologic humectants
    - By providing natural caring lipids

    It is does not contain emulsifiers which are known to damage the delicate lipid lamellar structure. It is free of perfumes and preservatives that may irritate skin. It is also steroid free.

    Bepanthen® is suitable for infants and children, however, for long-term use or use on large surfaces, it is recommended to seek medical advice